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SSO Domain Not Found Issue

If a subdomain site "sub.domain.com" gets a domain mapped "domain.com" the SSO feature does the following redirects: From the mapped domain: https://domain.com/wp-admin/?wu-sso-get-auth-from=1 to the network domain: 2.) https://domain.com/?wu-sso-auth-return-to=https://sub.domain.com /wp-admin/&wu-sso-nonce=72a0db24d8 Be aware that in 2. the URL has changed from mapped domain.com to the original sub.domain.com. Now SSO fails with "The requested site could not be found on this network. If someone gave you this link, they may have sent you a phishing attack.". A closer look to the code reveals that the function `get_blog_id_from_url()` is not able to lookup the original URL if there is a mapped one. I guess that going sure that mapped and original URLs are found by the function would also fix the error " " in "/wp-ultimo/inc/domain-mapping/class-sso.php:175" Thanks!

Philipp posted 5 months ago



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